Treating myself with kindness

Waterfall chasing

Waterfall chasing

Part of a lifestyle change has to include a change of attitude. In the past, when I slipped up and ate the wrong things, or did not meet my exercise goal, I would sink into a mire of self loathing, angry and disappointed at my lack of will power and self discipline. Real productive, huh? Especially when I would then continue eating the bad foods because “I had wrecked it all now” and to try and assuage the bad feelings.

I had a couple of treats this weekend, a nice lunch with family and a slap up roast dinner. I briefly felt bad, but then decided that I had enjoyed it, but I was now going to make good choices for the rest of the week, and that made it ok.

The fact of the matter is that life is never going to stick to the program. We are human, and fallible, and that is fine and right. A dodgy meal choice is not the end of the world, and not worth the stress of the guilt trip. Instead of feeling bad about a splurge, I want to feel proud that I didn’t totally drop my bundle, and that I will keep pressing forward, one bite at a time.