I am a mother of three, currently staying at home, and live in Queensland, Australia. I have always loved to cook, but in the chaos of having children, somehow cooking diverse and interesting meals has fallen by the wayside.

Hoping to save time at the stores, I subscribed to a delivery company for our weekly fruit and vegetable supply. It has been great; when I haven’t had time to get to the store I know that I have something edible in the fridge. The produce is all Australian, in season and sourced as locally as possible. However I do tend to not use everything, and feel guilty every time I have to clean out the fridge.

This is where the blog comes in. I plan to do my best each week to use up the entire box of farm fresh goodness, and to compile a collection of ideas for future moments of dithering about what’s for dinner.

I face the usual challenges of a home cook. The kids all have different likes and dislikes. The eldest is fussy about vegetables, but a teenager mid growth spurt, and starving all the time. Middle child is also hungry, with an aversion to eggs. Youngest is the biggest challenge, as he refuses most meat, though his passion for vegetables is unequaled in the 8 year old set. We are busy with after school activities, so if I am disorganised (read: frequently) we eat something thrown together in half an hour or so. We try to limit take away to once a week, though if I am honest it is more like once every six days.



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