Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh in day comes around again. I like having a mid week weigh in. It means that a dodgy weekend is in the past and you are back on track when you hit the scales. This week was not my best week, but not my worst either.

Progress: I lost 600g, which is on track for a healthy rate of weight loss. I can’t complain about that, though at the same time, thinking of losing 40kg in 600g increments makes me want to cry.

What I did well: I have been avoiding temptation pretty well. The terrible lunches are not tempting me like they used to. I have been exercising above and beyond the plan guidelines. The Move program is aimed at the very unfit, and the cardio is considerably less than I am capable of doing. I did all four workouts this week, with a 5 kilometre walk and strength exercises at home. I am very proud of how much my fitness has improved.

Challenges: I had a cold over the weekend, and felt very tired. My incidental activity was low as a result. I also think it is time to switch to the lower calorie plan. As part of the Move program, there is a higher calorie allowance while you get accustomed to the idea of healthy eating. I am very short, and I think that maybe I have to be more careful with the food than I have been.

Goal for the upcoming week: I need to be extra focussed on the plan during next weekend, while an unexpected family visit is going on.